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An independent, family-owned seed company helping you make the best selection for your farming needs.

Explore our extensive selection of high-quality seeds.

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At ProHarvest, the term Quality Products is all-encompassing.  For us, Quality is not just about the actual seed itself, but also the treatment that protects it, the genetic potential for high yields, the plant health to defend diseases, and traits that defend it against the pests and weeds that can rob yield.

Combine that philosophy with knowledge and experience in your area, and we can give you peace of mind with our diverse products; reducing your risk and improving your profitability.


The ProHarvest Seeds professionals have the experience and knowledge to help farmers make decisions that will benefit their farm, profits and continued success. Each year, we test thousands of products to ensure that the ProHarvest Seeds offerings meet strict performance standards and deliver that performance consistently. We take into consideration climate, length of growing season, crop histories, soil types, herbicide and pesticide requirements, and a long list of additinal factors when making seed recommendations. Unlike larger seed companies, which have a one-size-fits-all approach, at ProHarvest Seeds we have the products and the expertise to customize choices that will produce a winning harvest.


Our farming partners rely on us to help them make the right decisions. But our job isn’t over when the seed is sold. You can count on ProHarvest Seeds to listen to your questions and provide accurate, informed answers. We deliver more than quality seed. We deliver quality service!