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ProHarvest is always seeking well respected individuals to join or team as a Seed Specialist. We are looking for knowledgeable and respected candidates who are able to bring a positive attitude and great customer service skills to our organization.
ProHarvest Dealer

ProHarvest Seeds is actively seeking individuals or organizations who are interested in a seed dealership and serious about seed and customer service.  At ProHarvest, you will have access to the most diverse germplasm and trait innovations in the marketplace.  We are able to access seed products, genetics and traits from all major providers, including Bayer, Corteva and Syngenta and others.  Beyond corn and soybeans, we also have a comprehensive lineup of cover crops, wheat and forage crops.  Our staff has great product knowledge which will provide you the confidence to represent our products.  ProHarvest will provide training, support, and respectable margins to help you run a very successful business.

As a ProHarvest Seeds’ Dealer, you will be supported in the following ways:

  • Consistent, high performing products.
  • Products selected for your local environment.
  • Access to company personnel to support you in sales of ProHarvest Seeds products
  • Timely product and agronomic training opportunities.
  • Literature, web, social media, and other marketing support.
  • Courteous and prompt deliveries.
  • Assistance when customer concerns arise.

What we expect from you:

  • Sign all dealer agreements and complete credit applications.
  • Be a progressive individual with integrity and a strong resolve to extend the protocols of ProHarvest Seeds to your customers.
  • Consider a ProHarvest dealership as a profit-center.
  • Secure the insurance and financing to operate as an independent business.
  • Have adequate, clean and dry warehouse facilities with a forklift.
  • Be willing to learn and attend training sessions conducted by ProHarvest Seeds.
  • Professionally promote and defend all products offered by ProHarvest Seeds.
  • Be willing to meet sales goals and requirements set by your Seed Specialist.
  • Report all technology sales by customer, return seed, and settle accounts by June 30 of the sales year.
  • Be responsible for all accounts receivables of your customers.
  • Keep a current selling agreement on file with ProHarvest Seeds.
  • Ensure that each customer has a current trait technology agreement with all relevant trait providers.
ProHarvest Seed Specialist

Our “DSM” role has grown from 4 to 19 selling team members since 2011, spanning from Ohio to Nebraska, with the highest concentration in Illinois.  There are several geographies where we are looking to expand and fill our footprint with quality individuals.  The ideal candidate would have seed sales experience, be able to grow and manage a dealer network as well as sell direct to growers.

ProHarvest is actively seeking full-time sales representatives for our growing organizations. Ideal candidates are knowledgeable in seed and agronomy, hard-working, and respected in their community. ProHarvest sells a full portfolio of seed through a combination of directly to growers and to dealers.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Service growers and dealers in service area
  • Take charge and responsibility for a designated sales territory
  • Manage and service ProHarvest Dealers and Growers in territory
  • Prospect and establish new Dealers and Growers to expand market share
  • Make appropriate product recommendations
  • Assist growers through troubleshooting issues
  • Identify key prospects
  • Create and follow business plans for growth
  • Complete a 3 year business plan and set goals for growth of the territory.
  • Manage seed deliveries, returns and accounts receivable.

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Strong work ethic and self-starter
  • Honest and highly motived
  • Follows up on messages and commitments
  • Ability to manage objections
  • Organized, detail oriented
  • Ag experience required
  • Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or Business preferred
ProHarvest Regional Owner

One of the most valuable assets anywhere is the ability to own your own business.  ProHarvest offers this opportunity in select geographies to seed entrepreneurs looking to source top-tier products coupled with high quality seed production.  In addition, we offer the full picture including marketing support, sales training, logistics and licensing/reporting compliance.

As a ProHarvest Seeds Regional Owner, you will be supported in the following ways:

  • Access to seed products, genetics, and traits from all major providers, including Bayer, Corteva, Syngenta and others.
  • Guidance on selecting the products that fit your environment specifically, to optimize product performance.
  • Access to product data and genetic representatives to enhance your product knowledge.
  • Seed production managed and coordinated by ProHarvest staff.
  • Training and support for marketing and sales.
  • Access to ProHarvest’s Marketing Coordinator with support in the areas of sales aids, marketing materials etc.
  • Sales support in developing sales programs.
  • Semi-annual meetings with other Regional Owners to discuss current issues and develop comradery.
  • A professionally designed brand to operate your own business.
  • The opportunity to build a business that will have value if or when you may decide to exit.
  • Guidance on creating crop plans and product selection.
  • Leads for potential sales force candidates.
  • The ability to attend seed industry and vendor informational events.
  • A protected territory where you will have the exclusive right to sell ProHarvest seed corn and soybeans if criteria for maintaining a regional ownership is met.
  • Assistance in managing long/short inventories.

What we expect from you:

  • To act professionally and represent the ProHarvest brand in a positive manner at all times.
  • To operate your business in an accurate and timely manner with payments and reporting.
  • Warehousing abilities to manage and deliver orders to customers.
  • To have a 3 year business plan and goals.

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  • Regional Owners
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