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ProHarvest Seeds provides top quality Alfalfa and Forage options.

ProHarvest Seeds utilizes forage genetics that provide a balance of high quality with excellent tonnage. Our improved grasses and forages are selected from around the world and are chosen for quality, yield, persistence, disease resistance, and maturities that make it easier to manage hayfields and pastures.

Forms & Information

Alfalfa & Forages – Balanced, high quality options

Blaze Red Clover

  • High yielding with excellent resistance
  • Suitable for hay, grazing, cover crops and pollinators
  • Improved disease resistance

Eldora III

  • Exceptionally high forage yield potential
  • Outstanding forage quality attributes
  • Branch Root with deep set crowns

Entree RL

  • Reduced lignin, high digestibility with excellent ields
  • Solid disease resistance package with high leaf-to-stem ration
  • Longer harvest window for long and short term rotations

Hoppernot MAX

  • Leafhopper resistant variety
  • High quality, low maintenance; higher yield vs. other LH alfalfas
  • Adapted to 3- or 4-cut systems, and performs well with grasses


  • Branch-rooted hybrid alfalfa
  • Resistance to aphanomyces root rot race I and II
  • Large room mass offers incredible persistence and traffic tolerance


  • High-yielding hybrid alfalfa
  • Increased harvest time flexibility
  • Very dense, high quality stand


  • High yielding, very fast recovery
  • Roundup Ready® trait; great for problem fields
  • Excellent winter hardiness

PHQ Orchard Grass

  • Excellent Forage Quality
  • Improved Disease Resistance
  • Good Seedling Vigor

PHQ Tall Fescue

  • A blend of soft leaf, palatable fescues
  • Late heading, extreme persistence and low maintenance
  • Perfect tool for beef and dairy grazing

PHQ Timothy

  • Very High Yielding
  • Excellent Palatability
  • Late Maturing, Winter-Hardy

RapidGraz Pasture Mix



  • RapidGraz Pasture Mix is designed for fast, easy growth.
  • This mix can be used to improve stand densities in underperforming pastures
  • Can be useful when a three or four year pasture is needed between haying and grazing

Red and White Clover Blend

  • Mix for Blaze Red Clover and Stamina White Clover
  • Adds diversity to your pasture, improving forage quality in pure grass stands
  • Excellent for frost seeding

Stamina White Clover


Intermediate type selected for high forage yield and
persistance under extreme grazing pressure

  • Excellent persistence
  • Aggressive growth pattern and stolon density

Teff Grass

  • Excellent emergency crop
  • Very fine stemmed; great for haylage and dry hay
  • Can be used in existing hayfields to add 1.5 to 3 tons in one crop